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  • Ocular/Retinal Migraine

    I’m 43 and am having ocular/retinal migraines.

    It affects only my left eye and when I first notice it starting, I see a small jagged shape in the centre of my vision. It then slowly grows into an arc shape over about the next 30 minutes and moves to the edge of my vision and then disappears.

    I can remember every episode. This first happened when I was about 23. The second time when I was about 37, then 41. But recently I’ve had 3 in 3 months. 6 in total.

    Because I’ve had 3 very recently I’m concerned it may follow like this and potentially do damage to my eye in the long run.

    I know that the cause of this is when the blood vessels narrow and restrict the blood flow to the eye.

    I was hoping some members who may of suffered with many, maybe hundreds of episodes that have no issues with their sight could reassure me somewhat.

    Link to info:

    Thank you.

    Fear of dying

    Hello. New to the community, but unfortunately not migraines. I’ve suffered for years and now live in constant fear that I will die soon from these attacks. I am on day three and alothough the severe pain has ended, I’m left with the follow up junk- light headed, metal taste in my mouth, numb tongue, sleepiness…. Anyways, been doing a lot of reading lately on how migraines sufferers die more frequently from stroke or cardiac related issues. I am literally in a place where I am afraid to go to sleep at night for fear of not waking up. If I am just watching tv i fear suddenly an anourism will take me or my heart will stop.
    Does anyone else struggle with this? Is irrational fear another symptom of this god-awful curse??

    Amytriptyline withdrawal

    I finally saw a Neurologist last week and was told I wasn’t a hemiplegic migraine sufferer(was told this 6yrs ago) and that I have Chronic migraine.

    I’ve been told to wean myself off amitriptyline to go onto an alternate medication but I’m finding this difficult. Has anyone else ever had to come off Amitriptyline and if so how long did it take for the side effects to disappear.

    I’ve gone from 20mg to 10mg in a week and I’m feeling emotional, drowsy, my head is cloudy, I’m in slight head pain and I don’t know how I’m going to get through work this week.

    I’m not sure whether to just stop taking the 10mg in a few days or half the tablets and go to 5mg or even miss a day in between doses.

    Has anyone else been in this situation? Is how I’m feeling normal?

    Please Help… Migraine hangover lasting weeks

    some background to start…

    I’m a 40 year old male, had about 2 or 3 migraine attacks in my life each of which only lasted a few hours.

    Just over three weeks ago I had the following attack…

    I was very stressed at work (office job, sitting behind a computer screen)… went for lunch and as I drove back to the office the sun was glaring in the windshield of my car I believe this was the trigger.

    So as I sat back at my desk my vision started to get very blurry and when I turned to talk my work colleague I could only focus correctly on half his face. Then I left the office to attend my doctors… vision was blurry all this time and when I arrived at the doctors surgery I couldn’t remember my doctors name.

    I was quite confused not knowing the exact location I was at something I should have know…. I was confused about other minor details too. I attended the ER and after some blood test they informed me it was a complex migraine attack and they would plan a CT scan for a few weeks later.

    This was 22 days ago now and ever since I’m suffering from ‘brain fog’ not sure how best to explain it but I’m not 100% alert, it’s like I have a hangover all the time. There’s very brief periods where it clear 2-3 hrs over a 4 day period. I wake up each morning hoping it has cleared but when I get up I still feel the same. I shower two times a day hoping to clear it but nothing works.

    Has anyone ever had after effects of a migraine that lasted for weeks? I’ve been googling but I have not found any such cases.

    My CT scan is in 4 days time so my doctor is telling me to wait….. but he is not giving me any info or reassurance this is a normal period of time to feel like this.

    Sorry about such a long post but I’m quite worried id never feel the same again… so id be most grateful if anyone has experienced something similar and can share their story?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



    cervical medial branch block & occipital nerve block

    Does anyone have experience with the cervical medial branch block procedure? Did it provide relief? Any side effects? A pain management physician recommended the branch block and the occipital nerve block. I’ve previously had the nerve block and had no response, meaning no pain relief. I’m concerned about the branch block side effects — I’ve experienced side effects with all previous recommended therapies. As an aside, does anyone ever feel their physician isnt actively listening? Making a recommendation to repeat a procedure that the I’d stated “didn’t provide relief”? It’s frustrating!





    A new type of migraine with eye pain?

    So it’s hard to keep this short… I’m 32 years old, long hx of severe migraines, I was on Topamax with Midrin PRN from age 15 to about 22. I went off the Topamax in college as I was forgetting to take it, increasing the dopiness. I did okay for a while, then started getting some migraines and learned Midrin was no more. I started Maxalt but ended up back on Topamax at about 25 y/o. Historically, my migraines were in a band across the top of my head, throbbing and pulsing, worse with movement, light and sound sensitive, nauseous, an aura, and at times severe confusion (why I ended up on Topamax, my mom was nervous as I passed out a few times).

    At 29, I went back off Topamax as my spouse and I decided to start our family. Surprisingly, I didn’t get migraines, just some headaches here and there… nothing too bad. Obviously, I was completely elated, thinking I grew out of my migraines. I ended up having two miscarriages and then recently got severe preeclampsia at 19 weeks, leading to delivery at 23 weeks as I was very sick. During pregnancy, I got insane headaches which we attributed to the preeclampsia and migraine hx and was one reason why I delivered (along with kidney failure). After delivery, the migraines / headaches started to decrease and I thought things were good. Recently, I started the pill (first time ever, previously had an IUD), and OMG, it’s like a flip was switched in my brain and I have been getting horrible headaches every afternoon / evening. I went off the pill but the headaches haven’t gone away. I went to the doctor today and she stated they’re rebound headaches, but I only take the Maxalt when it’s a pain level 8 or higher, I’m pretty good at fighting through it. I do take advil and excedrin migraine, but not often as it barely touches migraine pain. She refused to prescribe Topamax, stating its too strong and I don’t need it and advised me to stop all OTC medications and Maxalt to prevent rebound headaches.

    These headaches are weird, they’re coming nearly daily, in the afternoon / evening and only on my right side. My right eye gets really sore and sometimes I hear whooshing / ringing in my right ear. I have the blurry vision and nausea, but otherwise they’re different from my usual migraine. I work really, really hard to be healthy and stay off medications. I left her office feeling like a drug seeker, but I only mentioned Topamax since I know it works for me. She referred me to a neurologist, but said the neuro will say the same thing… Has anyone ever had this and had it not been rebound headaches? I feel like I try so hard, suffer through so much, and my body is continuing to fail me and now my doctor (she’s newer) is not even taking me seriously and treating me like a crazy person 🙁 I left, telling her to read through my chart for the last year… my body does not prescribe to the typical rules and medicine is an art, not a perfect science, there are no definitive answers. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Migraines and hiccups

    So, I’ve suffered from bad migraines for a few years on and off now. I’ve been so focused on the pain, vomiting, and the memory issues that I’ve never really stopped to focus on the smaller complications of my migraines until recently. Recently because I think I’ve been the victim of silent migraines.

    As you know, silent migraines have all of the symptoms of regular migraines minus the pain (ie the irrefutable proof migraines aren’t just a ‘headache’).

    So, I thought I don’t get much on the “aura” phase. I get a weird feeling that I can’t explain before I get a migraine (as long as there’s no triggers that cause me to go right into pain like certain noises). I’m sure I’m not the only one that get’s the weird feeling. It’s not pain, there’s no real words to describe the feeling. It’s not like you feel something physically, it’s just a sixth-sense type of thing where you’re like, “Yup, gonna get a migraine in a few minutes.”

    But anyways, back on topic. Today I’ve had that weird feeling. No real migraine pain. But I’ve noticed I do aura a little. Not as bad as most, it’s just annoying enoguh for me to think it’s something with my contact and shrug it off. And that “weird feeling” is probably aura too. And I have issues with my speech (usually ranging between a stutter and slurred speech). Plus I get vertigo, dizziness, and lethargy pretty bad.

    But then I had the hiccups today (extremely annoying), and when I have the hiccups I get a small headache. Now, it’s not a migraine. A headache feels very different from a migraine. It’s just a small annoying headache. So I googled, “Hiccups and headaches.” And what do you know, that’s apparently aura too! Now, I still don’t know why I get those small annoying headaches when I get the hiccups, but that obviously explains why I can’t get rid of my hiccups when I get them (I usually just wait them out).

    I really just wanted to know if anyone else gets them or has noticed a pattern with their hiccups and other migraine symptoms.

    Is this all caused by migraine?

    I suffer from a set of symptoms, both individually and sometimes, like right now, all at the same time. Does anyone else experience similar symptoms, and do you know if they are all likely to be Migraine-related…

    These are all on one side…head pain; pain around eye socket; watery eye; pain to side of nose; burning feeling inside nostril; pain in jaw around joint and along jaw line; pain in ear; pain in all teeth and gums; all teeth and gums sensitive to touch; increased tinnitus; increased feeling of fullness in ear; feeling as if whole side of head/face slightly numb.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Ocular Migraine?

    I’ve been having these strange vision problems since 2016. Doctors have checked my brain and my eyes but hasn’t found anything. It started with the typical ocular migraine symptoms with zigzag flashing lines. but the last year, vision just becomes brighter and unfocused. It only last a couple of minutes and it comes without a warning. It’s only my left eye thats affected. It happens twice a month. Does anyone recognize this? I’ve tried to make an image in photoshop of what it looks like. Sometimes the lights shimmer.

    Is This Migraine Related?

    Can anyone tell me if the following pain can be migraine pain, please?

    I often have the following pain, all at the same time and all on one side…head pain; eye pain and watery eye; ear pain; jaw pain; pain in all teeth and gums, and very sensitive teeth; burning feeling in nostril; pain under jaw and front of throat.

    Thank you

    Looking for someone who has had an Inpatient Ketamine Infusion

    I check in to THomas Jefferson in Philadelphia on 1/29 for my first Ketamine infusion and I’m nervous to say the least. I have been using the Ketamine nasal spray and sometimes when that hits me just right I feel completely high. I did two Lidocaine admissions at Methodist (at TJ) and they were horrible and I would never go back again. So I have some idea of what it will be like, but hoping for some further insight.
    Do they allow your guest to stay overnight? I had terrible hallucinations with the Lidocaine cocktail and it was fine between 11a-8p when someone was with me, but very scary in those off hours.
    Can you get to the bathroom without help? Weird, I know…but I’m really uncomfortable with strangers.
    So shower is next. Do you even want to? Are you able? How often, because of the PICC?
    Is there anything you wish you knew before you went that you do/bring that you can think of that might help me?
    Thanks in advance,

    Dairy Products

    I was in the process of narrowing down. Perhaps I am still. My suspicion is dairy products – milk, cheese, creamers and the like.

    I had been keeping a log of food I ate before a migraine but never suspected dairy. However, I read somewhere that it is also an accumulation of ‘bad’ stuff in the body which ultimately triggers the migraine. Thus, I had a tough time figuring out what triggered it because it sometimes triggered a migraine and other times not. Possibly if I hadn’t eaten a lot of dairy products for the week, it gets excreated before it builds up. At other times, the amount consumed accumulated over a few days was so large, it just triggered.

    Mhy journey – I ate fish noodle soup with milk one night and I had a migraine the next day. I thought it could be the fish or perhaps MSG. I asked my sis after the migraine and she denied putting MSG. On a separate occasion, I ate a cheese birthday cake – only a tiny slice. I almost died with migraine the next day. I had pizza another time and had migraine the next day again. But I was puzzled since I eat pizza regularly and it never occurred to me.

    So I decide to stop eating dairy products and 6 weeks ago. Lo and behold, my migraines was at bay.

    One day before sleeping, I decided to have a 3 in 1 hot chocolate. The next day I felt terrible and knew a migraine was coming. I looked at the hot chocolate package and true enough – there was milk products in it.

    One thing I realized was I always threw up when I had a migraine. So, I was thinking, is it the upset stomach which affected the head or vice versa. A little research confirmed that the stomach and brain are linked – thus the term gut feeling. Thinking back, I do remember my stomach feeling queasy before a migraine.

    Interestingly, the cheese in a Mac’s Fish O Fillet doesn’t affect me; nor does Hagen Daz and Magnum ice cream. Then again, as I mentioned, it could be an accumulated amount of dairy before it triggers my migraine and the amount I ate those times was not much.

    I hope it helps someone reading this.

    * I had been drinking coffee with milk my whole life and now drink black coffee. I heard that coffee helped headaches. Unfortunately, the more I drank coffee with milk, the more my migraine became worse.

    Help my daughter

    My daughter is 20. She has had hereditary cluster migraines since she was 15. We have done all the test and tried various medications to no avail. The only thing she has found to work is CBD or THC with CBD working the best. However she hates having to use either one and so do I. I have spoken with Dr and Dr and none will help her. they give her a migraine med and it never works. I need a solution. The other women in my family that have this all use CBD or THC.

    Computer Wifi (wireless) is a cause for me

    Just joined the forums today on the advice of a friend who suggested I make my migraine trigger known in the hopes that it may help fellow sufferers.

    For me, a wireless signal from a home computer router ( WiFi ) will set off either a low grade headache or a migraine.

    Specifically, I am talking about the devices provided by an Internet company to a home user that connects the home user to the Internet. I won’t mention manufacturer names, but some of the devices can be connected via phone line or by cable. As a ‘feature’ some of the devices have “WiFi” which sends out a wireless signal in the users’ home to allow them to connect their other devices ( laptops, iPads etc ) to the Internet.

    For over 10 years, I have noticed that if a device has its Wireless signal turned on, it will cause me to start getting headache symptoms within minutes of being in its vicinity.
    The closer I am, the more intense the headache. And the further away from it I am, the less intense, but still noticeable, the effect is.

    This has been a very unfortunate development for me, as I work in the computer industry, and am frequently near wireless signals in the workplace.

    The reason I have posted on this forum, is to make other readers aware of a possible trigger for their migraines.

    Unfortunately, WiFi signals as a trigger or cause for illnesses is not taken seriously at this point in time. A quick search of the Internet will return MANY links to discussions.
    Almost all of them include the comment that they are never taken seriously, and learn to deal with the situation in their own way.

    A friend of mine, who has seen me dealing with this for several years, remarked the other day that there may be headache/migraine sufferers who have their home WiFi turned on, and may be causing their own migraines, and NOT REALIZING IT !!! He suggested that I post my experiences on a migraine message forum in the hopes that it may help at least one person.

    A simple test is to turn off your home wireless signal and wait a few hours to see if your
    headaches/migraine goes away. You can’t get a more simple test than that.

    A recent event for me:
    I helped a guy setup his new printer that he purchased.
    When I arrived at his apartment, my head started to feel like someone was twisting it from within, and my eyes felt like they were being pulled into crossing. My headache was beginning. I looked around the room, and saw an Internet router with flashing lights on the shelf. Yes, there was the culprit. He said he wanted his printer hooked up wirelessly. Not saying a word, I began the procedure and within minutes, got the printer hooked up and printing wirelessly from the guys laptop computer. And I got out of there as fast as possible !!

    It took at least a 1/2 hour before my headache subsided. I am truly amazed. Shocked. At how other people can sit in the same room as a wireless router that is emitting a signal, and they are not affected. Without going into it too far, I DO BELIEVE that a wireless signal negatively affects people in the long run, but am not going to go into that in this forum.

    I am posting this with the thought that maybe at least one of you readers out there may find this useful. Do you have a wireless signal in your own home that is causing your migraines? The simple test is to unplug it, and see if your pounding headache clears up.
    No cost. No complicated procedure. Just unplug the darn thing and see what happens.

    Myself, I have NO wireless devices in my apartment. And yes, my neighbors all have wireless signals blaring out. And yes, they are negatively affecting me, but thank goodness, the signals are far enough way that they are tolerable. ( for the most part ).

    If this post has helped any of you, or might help anyone you know, then I am ecstatic.
    My cell phone does NOT affect me ( thank goodness) and I have a free app on it that detects wifi signals and their strength. ( I use that in my line of work also )

    For the past 10 years, I have been living with headaches / migraines that have had me down on my knees in pain, sick to my stomach, and cloudy headed.
    I found out that FOR ME, it is caused by WiFi signals from wireless routers.
    I avoid wireless routers as much as possible, and I have reduced my headaches markedly.

    Hope this helps…


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