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  • Has anyone had neck pain from botox. I have been getting botox for nearly 4 years now and don't ever recall getting pain in my neck/back of my head, upper back/shoulders which leads to a vicious headache which then becomes a migraine. I was feeling much better b/c I recently went through menopause and finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel after 33 years of 2-4 migraines per week. Now I want to cry b/c my neck hurts daily and I can't figure this out. I recently switched botox doctor and the last guy used to inject these areas that I am now complaining about. I am wondering if I am having withdrawal just in those areas...but I have read that a botox side effect can be neck pain. Can't win. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

    Last fall I tried Amiovig but found that it worsened the severity of my migraines (much sharper pain) so I stopped taking it. My neurologist wanted to know if I was interested in trying one of the other CGRP based drugs - Emgality or Ajovy. Has anyone else switched from one CGRP drug to another? Did you experience different results or different side effects? I’m hesitant because it’s a lot of money and the pain last time was scary, but I also don’t have a lot of options available.

    I discovered long ago that ice packs would take the edge off a really bad migraine, at least until medication can kick in. But I need to be up and doing while wearing one. I jury rigged a wrap years back attaching together 2 velcro-on wrist wraps to approximate the circumference of my head. But those 2 old wraps are worn out too. Plus they were prone to falling down abruptly: something that was fitted more to a head shape would be better. The ice packs that fit those are long since gone; now I freeze washcloths inside plastic bags (which leaves a lot to be desired: but most ice packs freeze rigid; I’m not sure how to find ones that stay gel-like or flexible) . I saw some online but they were very pricey. I think it’s time to make one. I can sew. Has anyone found a pattern that works well? Thanks.

    l've been prescribed Neurontin in the past as mood stabilizer in conjunction with meds for ADHD and did well on it so thought it would be perfect when l came across it as a migraine prevention dug. It seems like the reviews for treatment of migraine are mixed so l wanted t hear experiences. l''m trying to find a drug that will address facial pain and pain from jaw clenching, if gabapentin can prevent migraine along with these symptoms it seems ideal. Thoughts?

    Over the years of having migraines I found that I had a craving for protein, and lots of it! After realizing this I looked into why some types of protein helped why others didn’t. From there I found out protein is broken down into amino acids. I found that there several amino acids that link directly to migraines. I asked my doctor to test my amino acids and he agreed, come to find out I was extremely low on many of them. We believe part of it is from another disorder, but since I started drink multiple protein drinks my migraines have been cut in half of not more. I don’t know if extra amino acids would help anyone else with migraines but I figured I would toss this experience out. And just a side note if it is something you want to try make sure you get your kidneys checked to make sure they can handle the extra protein load.

    I've had migraines for about ten years and I've been using Imitrex auto-injector as my go-to abortive for what like seems forever. It's just worked really well for me. After I was discharged from the Cleveland Clinic's IMATCH program in the fall of 2013, I started at a great headache center and for my migraines, I currently take Topamax as a preventative, I get nerve block and trigger point injections every two weeks and Botox every 3 months. I also have vials of Toradol at home which I can draw up and inject myself with. Last week, I had two tiny strokes which affected my left side and also left me with mild cognitive impairment which has mostly affected my executive functioning. I was working full-time as a psychiatric social worker. I'm now in a rehabilitation center. The neurologist told me no more triptans, ever and I can't use NSAID's because I'm on a blood thinner. I'm terrified that while I'm here I will get a migraine (so far, so good - someone is on my side.). I'm working with my headache neurologist and new general neurologist and my nurse care advocate at my insurance company to navigate the best way to get approval for Amovig. It will actually be much less expensive for them.

    I have recently been diagnosed with chronic migraines and spent the last two months hiding inside my dark/quiet bedroom on unpaid sick leave. I am sure this is something many people on this forum can relate to. Prior to becoming unwell my parter and I booked a month long trip to Japan. In a decision based on equal parts stubbornness, rose coloured glasses, travel insurance not covering cancellation costs and determination to see cherry blossoms, we have decided to travel to the loudest/brightest/busiest county in the world - migraine and all. My headache specialist suggested that I write a travel blog to inspire other people with migraines travel. I am not a writer or a photographer, but I have decided to give it a go. If you are interested in following our journey I have included the link below. This is not a sponsored or paid blog. I have no idea how this trip will go. I only hope that by sharing my story we can laugh or cry about it together. Let me know what you think.

    Many Migraine forms discuss topics that pertain to newly diagnosed or the younger crowd, however, many of us had Migraines our entire life and are looking at retirement years wondering how it will affect our life in the future. Are your children grown with children of their own? Have they moved back home? How does this affect your Migraines with the additional stress? Are you still able to care for your self especially during a migraine attack? Has your caretaker or spouse passed away? Are you caring for your elderly parents in addition to your migraines? How do you feel about how the medical community when it comes to your migraines? Have you developed additional health issues and the medication to treat it is worsening your migraines? Are you having difficulty with walking and balance? Have you isolated yourself? I've suffered with Hemiplegic Migraines for 63 years and gone through many stages of the disease. Children and grandchildren are grown, they've move out, back and out again. My parents health declined entered nursing home and pass in 2015-16. My migraines interfered with my ability to participate in many of the events mentioned above and become more of a concern and fear now that I'm getting up in years. Elderly migraine patients have many complaints and concerns, so don't hesitate to start the conversation. I love to hear from other seniors who suffer with migraines with your concerns, tips and ways to combat old age with migraines.

    I was put on nitroglycerin patches 5 months ago and much to my amazement, my migraines have stopped! Has anyone else had this experience? I used to have 8 - 12 migraines a month, so this is really significant! I want to know if this will keep the migraines at bay or is it just a temporary side effect? If it is not, then other people need to know about this!!

    Yet another new trigger. Alas.

    Hello Everyone: I am reaching out for help as 13 years of migraines and feeling like I have a hangover every day of my life is just destroying my quality of life. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines in 2007. I've had them since 2002. I've seen 3 neurologists and had a sleep study that showed that I have sleep apnea. I've been on preventive medications, mainly Topamax, tried Botox injections, Migranal, Treximet, Effexor, etc. Nothing works. Topamax - nothing. Botox - nothing. The others may help with the pain, but not the terrible feelings and the pain will usually persists until I go to sleep. I'm trying C-Pap with no good results. I've tried 12 liters of oxygen for 20 minutes with no positive results. My current medications are Celebrex 100 mg twice a day and Effexor 75 mg daily. I'm also prescribed Xanax, Metoprolol, Lipitor, and a water pill. There is a strange pattern. These migraines are usually every other day like clockwork. If I have one on Monday, Tuesday I'm OK, just a little tired and so on. I've also noticed a fluid buildup with these symptoms. Can someone give me advice or help answer the following questions: Are these migraines? Why every other day? Why a fluid buildup? Is there a rebound effect? Can these be cluster or tension type headaches? Stress? Other? Anything will help as the doctors can't seem to pin it down. These migraines symptoms are destroying my life. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your answers!

    I'm having a completely atypical migraine. I've been diagnosed with vestibular migraines for about 2 years. I get dizzy and funny vision and light sensitive. A low dose of topamax prevents 95% of the migraines and taking meclizine at first sign and wearing sunglasses takes care of the rest. I've never had a migraine last more than 6-8 hours or past sleep. Last Monday I took an oral glucose tolerance test because I'm being evaluated for diabetes (I'm not pregnant). Within minutes of starting to drink, my vision went funny and I knew I was getting a migraine. They wouldn't let me take my meds because it would mess up the three hour test. I took some meclizine after 3 hours. Did nothing. Went to urgent care on day 2, got toradol, compazine, fluids, did nothing. Went to ER on day 3, got steroids, more anti-emetics, more fluid, etc, did nothing. Saw neuro I like on Thursday, got third dose of Toradol, a 4 day flare of pred (which is messing up my blood sugar fierce and making me scared of food) and zofran. On strict orders from my endo if I puke to go to ER, but have avoided that so far. She told me to call her back on Monday if migraine still going. It's still going. Headache, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, nausea, dizziness to the point of swaying when I walk, word finding problems. I just don't know what to do anymore. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

    Looking for support from others who understand. I’m 35, I can remember headaches as early as age 10. Migraine was relatively well managed in my 20s, but they’ve gotten so bad in my 30s. I’ve had my hormones tested, I avoid my triggers (everything), I’m on two daily preventives, 100 mg sumatriptan still works but sometimes only for a few hours. I’ve tried a daith piercing before (ha), started butterbur supplement yesterday. I take NSAIDs pretty much daily. I see my neurologist in a few weeks. It takes months to get in to her. Going to discuss Botox and maybe the new stuff—Emgality? I’m just so sick of it. Kind words appreciated.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced sensations like the ones I had with a migraine last night, or whether this was side effects of one or both of the medications recently prescribed by my doctor here in Germany. Yesterday I felt a migraine beginning and I took 1x Novaminsulfon Lichtenstein (Metamizole) 500 mg tablet. It provided relief for a few hours but when the pain returned so quickly I decided to take the other medication prescribed by my doctor, 1x Sumatriptan 50mg. This was about 7 hours after I took the first medication. About two hours after taking the Sumatriptan, I began to feel extremely cold, and also very sensitive to touch. My skin and muscles began to ache in the same way I would normally associate with the flu. I had three blankets and was still shivering, and the weight of the blankets was painful on my body. I could not lie still and I felt like every muscle in my body was aching and I had shooting pains like electric shocks in my body. Even washing my hands was painful. Feeling the touch of really anything was painful. I am only just starting to feel slightly back to normal now, about 20 hours later, but my body is still aching. The migraine pain in my head has decreased to about a 2/10. Has anyone experienced a migraine like this, or could it be side effects to the medication? In my research today I read about allodynia - has anyone experienced this condition and does it sound like what I described? Thanks in advance. I'll be going back to the doctor. Just wanted to hear from others experiences. My migraines are menstrual migraines, if that factors into the symptoms here, I'd be curious to know. I have migraines about 9 days out of the month.

    For the most part, l'm doing OK on preventives except that every time rain in coming, l wake up with a dull pain around my skull that eventually progressed to a left side migraine. There have been months when l was mostly non functional, now into the rainy season l'm already 3 pills into Imitrex prescription. It really affect my functioning. Anyone found a medication that works for sensitivity like this? l'm allergic to just about everything, so allergy meds can take the edge off but won't prevent the migraine. An ENT once said this symptom is allergic migraine, prescribed me Astelin but no nasal sprays or antihistamines eliminate it

    Welcome to the Food cravings Forum

    On July 15, 2016 I had surgery to implant a Neurostimulator with bilateral supraorbital and occipital leads. This surgery followed a successful external trial about a month prior. The surgery went well. I am told, but the surgeon and other clinical team members that the "tunneling" of the wires was somewhat challenging due to an especially tough layer of "grizzle". So, thankfully, I was just about completely out for most of the tunneling. Recovery was pretty quick for me, considering the amount of physical force required to get the wiring in place. Most importantly the Stim is working great! Conservatively I would put the improvement at 70%. The frequency is still up there, but the Stim is successful in masking nearly all of the migraine pain for most of my migraines. I have cut use of abortive/rescue medications by 80% to 90%! This is amazing!!! I have lived with Chronic Migraine for so long that I am uncertain what to do with this gift. I am so accustomed to getting home after work in a beaten, drained, weary state (not to mention the migraine itself) that I am somewhat befuddled with spending a full day in the office and getting home feeling good. This challenge is one that I am gladly working on! As I told coworkers today, working through what to do when I feel good is soooooooooooo much better than digging and scraping for bits of personal strength to get through another day! I plan to share updates as things move forward. Please do post any questions, comments, etc. here and I will gladly respond! I know, from spending so much time in clinics and with neurologists (and other caregivers) that each person is unique and responds differently to treatments. A Neurostimulator implant is, I am sure, not for everyone. It is certainly an invasive treatment! For me, having spent more than two decades battling Migraine and Chronic Migraine, this appears to be a hugely effective treatment!!! I look forward to sharing more as I move deeper into these less painful & pain-filled waters! Migraine is still with me, but it is now in a much smaller box with a lock that works most of the time!!!!!!
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