A Migraine Creation

I recently interviewed artist and writer Judith Klausner about her life with migraines as well as her latest creative project soon to be released! It was really fun to talk to Judith and learn how, despite her pain, she has found a way to make something beautiful. You're going to want to learn what a Narwhal and a railroad spike have in common...

The facts:

The book is titled: "Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups," written by Judith Klausner and illustrated by Sarah Gould. The description reads as follows:

“Noah the Narwhal has good days, when he is productive and social, and pain days, when he needs to rest. His friends and family can find it difficult to handle the unpredictability. Can they come to see that having him in their lives is absolutely worth it?”

You can order the book here:

The book will be shipped around its publication date, September 7th. It will be available for regular order from those web addresses after September 7th.

If you happen to be in Boston you can also attend the Launch Party and buy a copy there!

Friday, September 15th 7:00 pm
Porter Square Books
25 White St, Cambridge, MA 02140

Now I’d like to hear from you! Have you created anything inspired by your migraines? It doesn’t have to be a published book, whatever it is we’d love to hear about all creations!

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