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Controlling My Sweet Tooth

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. It’s certainly gotten better over the years, but I still crave a little sweet treat every once in a while. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy naturally sweet foods to satisfy the craving without doing harm to your body or putting you at risk for triggering a future migraine.

Natural fruit strips and ginger chews are my go-to’s. What are yours?

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  • Mr FBP
    3 months ago

    I always get a craving for sweets towards the end of a migraine – the HPB (half pund bag) of jelly babies or other gummy combination of 99% sugar, 1% additives.
    I know it’s wrong, but I think my body justs wants easily accessible energy – that is why elite sports men are always sucking on energy gels and drinks isn’t it?

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