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How Do You Cope with Migraine Setbacks in Life?

How Do You Cope with Migraine Setbacks in Life?

At Health Union’s Connexion’18, advocates, Nancy Harris Bonk and Holly Baddour, talked about how they’ve coped with living with migraine all these years.

Facing the grief of living with migraine

They share the importance of finding ways to face the grief of what life would have been without migraine disease. Migraine can throw a giant curveball as it can interrupt people’s careers. But remembering to give ourselves a break includes realizing that life doesn’t turn out for anyone the way they expect originally.

How do you cope with the impact migraine has had on your life?

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  • joyjohnson
    9 months ago

    Joy johnson

  • jmedlin
    1 year ago

    I don’t grieve my losses due to migraines asI had to give everything up already for my autistic son I grieve for him.

  • Anna94M
    1 year ago

    I wish you all the best. I know so well what you are saying there, but please stay calm. I learned that even family can’t understand or trust you enough so we are the only persons who can help so we can go through all this terrible pain.. I’m 24 y/o and I can’t have my own way in life and a job because migraine is with me almost daily.
    All pray for you. Hugs and support!

  • Toby51
    1 year ago

    It’s been almost 5 years since I had to stop working due to chronic migraines. I’ve struggled with anger that my career was stolen by my disability, grief about the loss of the life I assumed I would have, envy of the active lives of those without chronic illness, guilt that I can’t contribute more, and frustration that I haven’t been able to fix myself (in spite of years of research, doctors, and failed treatment trials). I’ve also felt gratitude. Juggling career and family required sacrifices. Without my job, on my good days, I’ve had bonus time with my family, with my husband and children, with my aging parents, with my father before he passed away. My work in healthcare gave me perspective (life hands out hardships much greater than mine) and inspiration for strength and resilience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It is so helpful to hear my experiences echoed by others who are living with similar challenges.

  • Gmatom
    1 year ago

    I have chronic migraines. I cope by watching Elkhart Tolle videos and reading Rumi. They teach great wisdom about suffering.

  • John1381
    1 year ago

    Both your comments resonated with me, particularly Nancy’s conflict with what you thought you would be and where you are now. I really struggle with that too on a daily basis. Counselling has been extremely helpful, and I have found to be most useful over the long term rather than short bursts; as we all know migraine can really upset our thinking and make what seems bearable one day, almost impossible another. Meditating has been really helpful in calming down the anxious thoughts too.

    A year and a half ago I was a wildlife surveyor of 20 years experience, working all over the UK and Africa. Now stuck at home with chronic migraine and often a sense of guilt and regret. However, like Holly I try to see the change as a chance to spend more time doing what I can do when I can.

    Plus me and my best pal (the dog) get to have lots of time together.

    I know how hard it is when our circumstances change from what we may have expected but it is recognizing the small things that may bring us a little joy or hope that can help to piece together a different life to what we thought. I realise that can sound trite when in pain and frustrated but it is meant well.

    This site has helped enormously over the last two years.

    I hope all who are suffering can find a little peace.


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