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Cryotherapy for Migraine Relief

I’ve always found a cold ice pack to help cut the edge of a migraine. So, as I started to explore cryotherapy, I was intrigued that they offer localized treatment that have been suggested to help migraine. The cryofacial is designed to apply that same cold therapy to the face, scalp and neck.

Check out my first session:

I found the experience to be very relaxing and did relieve some tension. And as an added perk my skin was glowing for days after the treatment! Can’t beat that – relieve tension from a migraine and look fabulous. Yes, please!

Have you tried cryotherapy before? Tell us about your experience below.

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  • dltesta223
    10 months ago

    I have never tried cryotherapy but I just spent 10 days in the hospital with an infection and had a migraine for the first 5 days. The hospital is a terrible place for a migraine because the lights are so bright and they wake you every 2 hours for vital signs. So I had ice packs on my head 24 hours a day since I could only have Imitrex 1X per day and the ice helped a HUGE amount. It did not get rid of the headaches but it did make them managable. They gave 3-4 packs for my head, nack and shoulders and they were great about replacing them around the clock. I have been doing this more at home and find that some of my smaller headaches are not develping into big ones.

  • AP36
    10 months ago

    After watching this video I scheduled a cryo-facial for myself and it felt much better than I thought it would. I told the technician that I was getting it for my migraine pain and she even took some time to do the back of my neck and head too.
    I was having a migraine going in, and I did feel better after my 10-minute session. My skin feels great, and I look forward to convincing my husband that cryotherapy should be added to my treatment plan (since it’s a little pricey). I want to try a full body session next!

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