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Essential Oils Bracelet for People with Migraine

Essential oils are, well an “essential” part of how I manage my health including migraines. I find peppermint and lavender to be effective in eliminating headaches and reducing the intensity of migraines. So… when I discovered super cute bracelets that you could apply essential oils to, I was all in! I have two leather bracelets and one lava rock bracelet that I apply my favorite oils and it’s just an extra bonus to supporting my health (and fashion)!

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  • Peggy Artman moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi Alene, I love essential oils too. I usually have my diffuser going with a certain blend each day. I have used them topically too. Those bracelets are so cute!

    The only thing I have to be careful is that some people with migraine disease is whether or not they could trigger someone else’s migraine symptoms. For me, these oils are something in my tool kit to use when I have a migraine attack. They can be soothing and comforting.

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