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Getting the gammaCore Settings Right

Although the gammaCore is the most effective treatment I’ve ever tried, it’s also the most complicated. It seems like you’d just turn it on and let it run, but getting the correct setting takes work. In this video, I explain the different settings and how sensitive they are, as well as how I determine which setting to use.


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  • voiceofjoyce
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Kerrie~

    I just started using the Gamma and today is day 21. I, too, am super excited about what this device can do for us and I appreciate your sharing about finding the right level. Before I find a mountain top to shout from I am trying to collect as much information and testimonies from users and specialists as possible.

    I am a professional singer and voice teacher and I am concerned about if and how the larynx is affected by vagal nerve stimulation.
    You mentioned (either in this or a previous video I watched) that it has had preventative effects for you. Can you elaborate? I have benefitted greatly from using it the last three weeks. The cost and lack of insurance backing is currently quite prohibitive, but I’m tempted to fork out the cash for a few more months if it helps me get a modicum of my life back, especially if it has a cumulative effect as well. I would appreciate your perspective since you said you’ve been using it for quite a while now.

    Also, do you know who to contact to impress upon “them” the importance of making this available and more affordable?

    Hope Springs Eternal

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