Migraine-Friendly Pizza

I love pizza. But my migraines don’t love pizza. In fact, pizza – with all its gluten and dairy – are a surefire way for me to trigger a migraine. So, my search for a migraine-friendly pizza began.

Spoiler alert! I found great alternatives including an allergy-friendly pizzeria.

Some of my favorites

Jules Thin Crust Pizza is a pizzeria that serves gluten-free, dairy-free organic pizza crusts. If you’re lucky enough to live close by one, definitely check it out. The closest one to my home is about 45 minutes but it was worth the drive on a Saturday afternoon.

I also have a lot of allergy-friendly options for you to make your own pizza at home, including my favorite pizza crust: Wholly Wholesome gluten-free pizza crust.

The gluten-free and dairy-free options are definitely expanding which is great news!

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