How to Educate Someone About Migraine

In this video I explain an all-too-familiar scenario that we often find ourselves in, where we have to find the best methods to get through to someone about migraine. This is for talking to that person you meet who may have migraine themselves, but don't know it yet. Since about half of us are still undiagnosed, I've found this a pretty common occurrence.

I outline a few strategies for assessing what someone is ready to hear:

The strategy I used most in the past:

  • The Information Dump – while tempting, I find this often backfires.

What I have found the most effective:

  • Listen – the person may just need to vent and figure it out on their own.
  • Offer – you can offer to provide information, perhaps via email, later.
  • Wait – let the person come to you with questions when they’re ready.

I’d love to hear your strategy for helping to educate people who may benefit from more information on migraine. Please leave me a comment!

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