Person holding their belly while their stomach screams at them. From out of the picture in the direction of the head, comes a speech bubble with a fork and spoon crossed in an X formation.

Does Being Hangry Give You a Migraine Too?

I don’t know about you, but if I go too long without a meal or snack, I get hangry… and a prime target for the next migraine attack. I learned this early on and began my search for healthy, trigger-free snacks. I quickly discovered that most protein/snack bars contained chocolate and/or nuts – both of which are triggers for me.

So, I had to get creative. Hummus and carrots worked. Guacamole and celery were good options too. But I needed something I could toss in my purse and didn’t need refrigeration during a long day. I recently discovered beef sticks which are not only tasty, but high in protein, filling and nitrate and nitrite free.

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