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Looking Good While Feeling Sick

How do handle yourself when someone says “You’re looking better you must be feeling better?!” or when someone flat out tells you that “You look like crap when’s the last time you slept? You should do (Unsolicited Advice #1) or look into (Unsolicited Advice #2)!”

Trying to deceive people

My motto is trying to deceive people. I spray tan, I wear lipstick and do things to increase my confidence, my self-esteem and make me feel pretty. Hard to do when you’re sick right?

How do you handle these situations and how do you try to change your appearance (if at all) to ensure that no one around you knows how really sick you actually are from migraine?

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  • glassmind
    3 months ago

    For compliments I say “Thanks, I try!” Then offer a compliment in return. I do try. Less in order ro hide and much more to feel good aboit myself. Somedays I’m not able to put any energy in to self care. Most days it is the bare minimum that I can do. So I do try. Being pulled together and semi-polished gives me a feeling of accomplishment and dignity.

    If a stranger had the audacity to tell me I looked like “crap”, I’d likely ignore them. I probably feel like crap and have to save my energy for things like breathing. Lol

    If a friend or family member said it, I know who means well and who is prone to expressing themselves poorly and so my responses vary from “I know, I’m really struggling right now. Thanks for being here with me even if I look awful” to “Yeah, so?” Or just ignoring them.

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