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Not Too Bumpy, Not Too Bright: Goldilocks Desperately Searching for a Migraine Friendly Car

Finding the right car is incredibly important for a migraineur. When in the throes of a migraine attack, if we have to drive ourselves home, the design of a car has the capacity to either make us more comfortable or exacerbate our pain. In this video, Holly asks for help in finding a migraine-friendly car. This important purchase is one with which we all wrestle- but when we add migraine to the mix, finding just the right fit becomes all the more difficult.

What kind of alterations do have for your car?

What kind of car do you drive? Did you do alterations including tinted windows or any tweaking to the suspension or seats? Please share any guidance you have to offer on the topic of cars and migraine so we can learn from one another!

What migraine questions do you have?

On a related note, it’s kind of stunning to think about the buying power that lies in the hands of the many millions of people living with migraine. If you have questions regarding what kind of sunglasses are best, or what’s the most comfortable pillow, we’ve got you covered! If there is anything on your wish list that you’d like to ask the community about, please post your question here.

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