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My Morning Routine to Manage Migraine Triggers

If you get migraine attacks on a regular basis you may be wake up wondering if today is going to be yet another migraine day. I have a 3-part morning routine I wanted to share with you that I find to be effective to help reduce the risk of my migraine triggers.

Water, excercise, and breakfast

So, what’s your morning routine look like? Do you have anything in particular that helps you ward off migraine triggers for the day? Post below so we can share and learn together!


  • bluesguy
    6 months ago

    I am happy that you have found a routine that helps your migraines. For me, and many migraine patients that I know, mornings are often filled with so much pain, that it throws any routine out the window. In addition to pain, there are often slow and slightly confused thoughts that are pretty immobilizing. Most days, I am looking for my prescription meds, ice, and some way to feel like a human being. LOL. Thanks for offering some good advice. I hope we all can find positive ways to start our days, in spite of this terrible illness.

  • DinaMay
    6 months ago

    My morning routine begins with getting up at roughly the same time every day (so I also go to bed at the same time every night). Once up, I absolutely gotta have coffee, one to three cups. For years I’ve been hearing how caffeine is a migraine trigger and it can be for me if I have too much. But doing without my caffeine fix is as much a trigger as shining a flashlight directly into my eyes.

    Then, sipping on coffee, I journal for a bit, either writing about what’s going on and how I feel about it, or (more fun) drawing/painting a picture of how I feel. I saw a therapist for several months and this was her idea. It’s probably the best anti-trigger ever, yes even better than coffee.

    Then I piddle on my iPad, a few attempts at Spider Solitaire, a crossword, a sudoku, a round of “mahjong.” If I can’t win after 3 rounds of solitaire, or I can’t complete the other games, I know I’d best go back to bed. But I ignore my own best advice and drag myself through breakfast and a walk for the dog. By then there’s no getting around the back to bed business. Sometimes, I can’t manage the breakfast plus dog walk, so I delegate the dog part to my hubby.

    No plan is foolproof. But this pattern works for me better than any other that I’ve tried over the decades. And I’m still here.

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