The Migraine and the Mountain: A Travel Story

Hey awesome community members! How you peeps doin'? Hope you're well, but if you're in need of a laugh, check out my video.

Why, you ask? If you want to know how I ended up in a Spider Hut with a throbbing migraine. Oh, and how I saved someone's life. That's why.


Karma comes full circle.

It felt like karma came back to help. I'd saved Henry with that water, and then the lady saved me. If you're wondering about Henry, we parted ways that day, but later heard he'd completed the hike to all the temples. He told everyone along the way that we'd saved him. I'm sure he would've made it one way or another, but it was nice to help him out.

Tell me your story.

Do you have a crazy travel adventure involving a migraine attack or symptoms? Did you have a moment you prevailed despite the adversity? Do you think back at it now and have a good laugh? I want to hear it! Share in the comments below!

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