A series of 5 Emgality injectors in front of a calendar.

My 5 Month Emgality Update

Over the summer I was prescribed Emgality by my headache specialist. I want to share how I've been doing now that it's been 5 months on the new medication. I thought my candid experience might help others learn more and weigh their own options, or know that they're not alone.

About Emgality and similar drugs for migraine

In case you haven't heard, Emgality is the third of the new migraine drugs to come out in its class. It’s a CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor) antagonist. It is administered as a once a month injection. Below the video, I’ll share other recent articles on migraine.com about CGRP blockers.

Other recent articles on CGRP blockers

Do you want to join the discussion? I'd love to see comments below and hear your experience with Emgality, Ajovy, or Aimovig. Or you can go deep in our forums on CGRPs

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