My Last CGRP Treatment

Today I drove to the last appointment for my CGRP clinical trial in which I will receive an injection. There will be more appointments, but only to monitor how I'm doing. Follow up visits, surveys, tests.

I can't believe it's over

I've written about how improved my pain has been, although my other symptoms seem to have increased. I've written about how at each visit, I don't know what dosage I'm getting, or even whether I'm getting the real med. The dose could be high, low, or zero.

I took a video of the injection today, so you could all see how it works. It's subcutaneous, so just under the skin. As you'll see, this time didn't hurt as much, which sometimes makes H and me wonder if I got a lower dose or none. Though maybe it's because I didn't go in with a migraine but had taken meds for one I woke up with.

Here is the video, which shows me sitting in H's office receiving an injection in my arm:

There were no tests today. I got the diary device back, and it will wake me with its shrill alarm every morning at 8:00 am. I plan to wrap towels around it and put in in a drawer, and set a reminder in my phone for 10:00 – much more reasonable. After all, it's summer time.

As I drove home, I felt a little sleepy. I did feel what I think was medicine a few minutes after the injection, and I tend to respond about like I do to sumatriptan injections. Those make me a little drowsy as well, though the tablets don't affect me at all other than to continue to be remarkably effective most of the time.

At a future visit, I plan to ask H whether there might be another study I'm eligible for, or whether I'd be better off just waiting for FDA approval early next year. We're hoping the effects last for a while. Even though there were times I wished I had the pain rather than the depression I experienced this year, I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to the way things were.

In fact I know I'm not.

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