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Choosing How to Respond to Migraine

Those of us who have migraine don’t have a choice in the matter. We also don’t have control over when a migraine attack hits or how long it lasts. Flare-ups often occur out of nowhere and knock us off our feet for hours to days at a time. The condition can be so intense that we can feel out of control in the way our bodies respond.

Out of control with migraine

We may be violently ill, vomiting relentlessly, incapable of speaking coherently, shaking from pain or weakness, and unable to see clearly due to not being able to handle any light, sounds, or smells. Living with a condition where so much of life is out of our control can feel disconcerting.  

One way to navigate this reality is to focus on what we can control which primarily has to do with how we respond to migraine, emotionally, and intellectually. In this video, Holly discusses her thoughts on this topic and invites you to join in on the conversation in the comment section below.

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