Satisfying Smoothies

As a nutrition coach, I hear clients talk about how much they like the idea of having a smoothie – and they even like the taste of them - however, they don’t always keep them feeling full. In some cases, they actually make the individual more tired.

So, what gives? Smoothies are supposed to be healthy and satisfying right?

The biggest mistake people make with smoothies is only focusing on the fruit. Fruit is all carbohydrates and sugar – something that can create imbalances in your blood sugar levels (and make you tired) as well as not hold your hunger over for very long.

Smoothie ingredients to satisfy hunger

To create a sustainable smoothie focus on including at least one but ideally all three of the following:

  • Healthy fats
  • Protein
  • Fiber

In an ongoing effort to manage migraines, I love adding fresh ginger into each smoothie for it's anti-inflammatory effects. In the midst of a migraine, I'll go for straight ginger tea, but on a daily basis, I simply add about an inch of ginger root into my favorite smoothie.

What’s your favorite smoothie?

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