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The Emotional Impact of Migraine

Migraine has more widely known and recognized physical symptoms, but also the emotional symptoms which are not as widely discussed or accepted. Take a look at why Kerrie Smyres is so passionate to share her thoughts on this topic.

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  • rossbow13
    4 years ago

    Thanks so much for your views on migraine. I have suffered for 50 years, mostly weekly, attacks lasting three days. Only pregnancy broke the cycle. I agree so much with your feelings and response. I also have Bipolar 2 a co-morbid condition alongside migraine. I have ranted and raved, despaired and become clinically depressed all to no avail as such a response only worsened attacks. Now aged 70 I have learned to accept, take whatever drugs might work, resign myself to being horizontal for hours/days on end, listening to an audible story on my IPod, low level sound, someone telling me a story as I concentrate on the tiny area in my brain which hasn’t been overwhelmed by all the physical and mental symptoms of the pain, nausea, prostration. I think of my brain as a blackboard covered in frenetic writing and scribbles during an attack then, slowly, oh so slowly, I can begin to erase small areas of detail, recover black, naked areas as the migraine subsides … I reclaim my faculties, my thoughts, my brain, my body … until the next time!

  • arden
    4 years ago

    I am with you, rossbow, in age and similar experience. The thing is to be ever so thankful for those in between days which are clear and functional. I was so impressed that you were able to pull out of the clinical depression upon realizing it was making matters worse, if I am reading you right. There are things that we can do to improve the situation as you so calmly detail. Thanks for Kerrie’s courageous as ever revelations on her ways to cope with a trial and test that is surely conditioning her for the highest heaven.

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