How I Stay Hydrated

We know that we can’t live without water. The body is comprised of 75% water in infants and 55% water in the elderly. Many people in the headache and migraine community tout proper hydration to helping in managing headaches.

The struggle to hydrate enough

Yet knowing and believing water to be both essential for life and migraine management, I still struggle to get enough water in. That’s why I splurged for a fancy new water bottle that helps to keep me on track. I had heard a lot of buzz about the Hidrate Spark – the water bottle flashes a red light when you’re falling behind on your water goal for the day. It’s just one tool in my migraine prevention toolkit, but it has worked in keeping me better hydrated.

Editorial note: The product discussed in this video contains a flashing light (although not shown & only mentioned) which for some with migraine may be a trigger.

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