Migraine Therapy Dog

When suffering with a migraine there are many ways to make it through an attack. This video is a short example of how I use my dog, Sam, as a therapy dog. He stays by my side during an attack, and he comforts me and keeps me much more calm than if I have an attack without him. He was not trained to be a therapy dog. He just became one as part of how he interacts with me. I believe animals have the ability to sense what their owners need without being prompted. Sam is an important part of how I'm able to cope during an attack.

Comforted by my dog during a migraine attack

Do your pets know when you're having a migraine attack?

If you have an animal in your life do you find that it behaves differently when you have an attack? I've heard of cats and dogs sticking close by their owners during an attack. I just figured I would give people a glimpse of what goes on during an attack at my house. Sam sticks close to me through the attack and is my protector if anyone approaches me. He's my buddy and a part of my therapy protocol.

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