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Travel Must-Haves

We never know when the next migraine attack with strike. And let’s be honest, they often come at the least convenient times. It’s always important to be prepared.

Here’s a peak into my must-have items in my travel bag.

What items do you arm yourself with when you hit the road for a vacation, business trip or weekend adventure?

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  • steena921
    1 year ago

    I don’t go anywhere without Sunglasses and an Unsweet, extra strong ICED TEA! (Luckily, theres a McDonalds on almost every corner), My purse always has “a pharmacy in it” per my friends & coworkers: a bottle of Excedrin, Tylenol, Midol, and Advil. Along with an emergency bottle filled with push packs of maxalt (5 and 10mg), Vicodin, Frova, and a few capsules of Fioricet with Codeine! There’s usually a granola bar or two in my purse too. The freezer always has ice packs, cupboards are always armed with saltines & crackers, pretzel sticks, and zip lock bags, to be able to throw some in the purse for traveling. I take zinc twice a day (supposed to help lower prolactin levels – which tend to be higher with PCOS), Magnesium, and B2 daily. When caffeine doesn’t help, somethings a Gaterade does. Also theres always a small, travel fan in my trunk! The cold air blowing in my face, seems to help or at least, distract me enough to be able to fall sleep.

  • JEJF7981
    1 year ago

    I have found I am best prepared if I slways have the following items with me, regardless of a regular work day or traveling. My sunglasses, one of my well-worn and fitted baseball hats, behind the head Bluetooth headphones and charge cord, essential oils, rescue meds, rice krispies treats, saltines, Sprite or 7Up, instant ice packs, neck-sized generic ThermaCare pads, and my small TENS unit.

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