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#purpleproject- Creepy, Tingly, Asleep feet. I’m scared on the inside, but on the outside, I smile so people don’t notice half of my body has gone limp and part of my face didn’t get the memo that it needs to keep functioning to appear like I’m fine. My heart beats a million miles a minute and I start to feel my head get faint. I sit down as soon as I can because I know what’s coming on. Numbness spreading: The numbness spreads and now my foot, my hand, and my neck have gone tingly and uncomfortably numb... Read more


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Kyky Knight- I feel as though I am always walking a fine line of employed and not-so-employed when it comes to balancing my work life and my migraines. Along with other illnesses such as chronic anxiety and depression, migraine can take a pretty intrusive role in my life and can make keeping a job really difficult. One too many sick days, one too many requests for accommodation and I could very easily be seen as unreliable and out of a job. For that reason, I often find myself pushing through intense symptoms while on the clock, and loading up on multiple jobs (I... Read more

Steven Workman- Why do we have such a hard time getting proper treatment and or medications for migraine? Could it be because the antiquated definitions of headache and migraine are too similar? Perhaps the medical community should take the time to better distinguish between the two afflictions. Perhaps the similarities in the two definitions are why so many doctors do not see or feel the need to look into stronger or better medications and treatment options for migraine patients. Headache defined The Mayo Clinic defines a headache as “pain in any region of the head. Headaches may occur on one or both... Read more

Amanda Workman- I have done a series of these articles that describe the various perspectives of individuals in my life pertaining to my life with chronic migraine. In this particular article, my mother sat down and analyzed the questions I presented to her. Her first response to me was that the questions were hard to answer but nonetheless she managed to get through them. What is the hardest part about watching your child deal with chronic migraine? Watching their everyday struggle to simply get through everyday activities, that most of us take for granted is extremely hard. Do you think chronic migraine... Read more

maria.deleon- Having lived with migraines nearly my entire life I can tell you that with the exception of a pain in the head, that hits like a brick thrown at you suddenly, the sensory component of migraines is the most bothersome. Among the sensory components which can last for hours and days is nausea. When it hits suddenly or lasts on and on can be a horrible experience especially if is so severe you actually end up vomiting. So how do we deal with this pesky problem that can turn our life upside down? There is nothing worse than being nauseated... Read more

Holly Baddour- I can almost count the people I know in real life who have migraine on one hand. A cousin, an aunt, a neighbor, my father-in-law, a mom of my son’s friend, and a fellow volunteer board member. Given the fact that more than 36 million Americans have migraine, it’s striking that I only personally know a handful of people who are living with the condition. Yet I’m hardly alone in this dynamic. Even though migraine is incredibly common, we don’t generally encounter migraineurs in our everyday lives, at least knowingly. So, when we find someone who is managing life with... Read more

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My mom had migraines when she was younger, the kind that laid her out for 2 days, in complete darkness. I was the oldest of five and had to take over. When I was 22 I first noticed auras, but no terrible headaches. At first they manifested as blurry distant vision in the afternoons. Then one day I saw jagged lines of light while I was driving and thought it was a crack in the windshield. I’d get headaches, but not very frequently. My migraine got worse in my 20’s and 30’s, usually with a small wiggly light somewhere in... Read more

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