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By Anna Eidt - October 8, 2015
Picture this: You are diligently preparing to meet your new headache specialist. You’ve heard they are the best in town, you’ve waited over a year for this appointment, and you are desperate... READ MORE

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By Soupie - October 8, 2015
The beast lies in wait I unaware bumble on Careless about myself Heedless of harm I feel untouchable Invincible Blessed He waits until late In the day Past his usual hour To... READ MORE

By Stacey A. - September 9, 2015
Dear Brain, We’ve had a pretty decent run this week. With the exception of a couple of migraines, we worked very well as a team to get ready for this trip to... READ MORE

By Maineme - August 26, 2015
I am 62 years old, have had migraines since I was 11 years old. They were called all sorts of things back then: tired eyes, hormonal, allergies, sleeping too much, sleeping too... READ MORE

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