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By Tammy Rome - September 3, 2015
There is a growing body of research to support the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as part of an integrative approach to migraine treatment. CBT won’t replace headache specialists, preventive therapies, or... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - September 1, 2015
Sometimes migraineurs will experience headaches that don’t respond to migraine treatment. When this happens frequently, doctors may consider the possibility of another headache disorder. One such disorder originates with problems in the upper... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - August 25, 2015
We all have moments in our experience with Migraine that feel intolerable. Whether it’s the agonizing pain, the mood swings, disappointing results, unsympathetic loved ones, or simply the stigma and burden of... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - August 19, 2015
Sometimes migraine or other headache disorders become so severe that we are unable to work. Some of us must make the painful decision to apply for disability benefits. Those benefits may come... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - August 18, 2015
For many who struggle with daily or near-daily Chronic Migraine, it can feel impossible to accept the reality of constant pain. Acceptance doesn’t have to be complicated.  The biggest hurdle most people... READ MORE

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