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Editorial & Advertising Policy FAQ

Editorial Policy

It is our goal to provide our community with the very best information about migraine and headache. We do so by providing content from multiple sources: Original editorial, expert contributed articles and user-generated content.

Who writes the articles on

At, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information. We use only trustworthy sources, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the International Headache Society, and peer-reviewed journals among others. Our editorial content is written by medical writers and other professionals. Editorial content is HON Code certified and we follow the Health On the Net Foundation’s process for health content. Authors and editors of editorial content are cited and clearly marked.

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In addition to our original editorial content, our team of contributors share their personal experience with migraine through articles posted on the Newsfeed.

What is your editorial policy for contributed articles? also features articles contributed by Physicians, Patient Advocates or other Healthcare Experts. We may also have “Guest Bloggers” who contribute articles on specific topics. The author of each of these articles is clearly marked along with a link to the author’s profile. does not edit these articles, as they represent the thoughts, opinions and judgment of their authors.


Does edit forums, comments, or discussion?

The team does not editorially review “user-generated” posts such as discussion, comments, and forums, but we do monitor posts to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use and Community Rules. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and opinions while being respectful of other members of the community.


Why does accept advertising? is funded through the transparent participation of companies that are interested in reaching out to our community with information about their products.

The money from advertising and sponsorships helps us create the articles, tools and resources available to the community.


How do I know when something is an advertisement?

All advertisements and/or material contributed by a sponsor on are clearly marked as such.

Rest assured, no sponsor has had, or ever will have, any input into the original editorial of the site, contributed articles, or user-generated content.


Updates to This Policy

This policy is subject to ongoing review and occasional revision. The effective date of this policy is: June, 2014