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By maria.deleon - December 12, 2017
Complex Confusional Migraine (aka Acute Confusional Migraine – ACM) is rare type of migraine that is said to occur roughly between 5-10% of pediatric population (occasionally in teenagers as well). It is... READ MORE

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1 Answer Submitted By Spencer - December 10, 2017

I feel like this has probably been asked before, but this question has been on my mind for years. My mother has a migraine disorder that I so wonderfully inherited, but her… READ MORE

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By katiejo5678 - December 11, 2017
Hi there everyone, I am thrilled to find this site. I was diagnosed with migraine when I was 10 by a primary care doctor. Since then my diagnosis has been up in... READ MORE

By kaleighann15 - December 11, 2017
I’m 20 years old and I have suffered from migraines since about 2 years ago. I have a constant headache every single day. I wake up with one and go to bed... READ MORE

By Susanmees - December 5, 2017
Hello folks, I’m having a rough day and could use some understanding. My migraines have been getting worse lately – have had multiple day long migraines recently – but the pain... READ MORE

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