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By maria.deleon - October 20, 2017
We all know how horrible it is to have a migraine especially one that hits suddenly, lasts a long time or causes lots of sensory problems. As difficult as these maybe to... READ MORE

By Amanda Workman - October 18, 2017
Many individuals living with chronic pain have admitted to having issues with anger or irritability. Our Migraine in America Study 2016 showed that 34% of respondents have anger, rage, and irritability during... READ MORE

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5 Answers Submitted By Cecilie - October 18, 2017

Hey. I’m new here. First i would like to apologize for any misspellings further on – I’m from Denmark, so my English isn’t the best. I have just got a new job… READ MORE

1 Answer Submitted By Zanettil - October 18, 2017

I’m having a lot of difficulty with health care providers because I frequently need to cancel or reschedule appointments due to chronic migraines (20+ per month). Several providers have refused to continue… READ MORE

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By cdaniw213 - October 20, 2017
Hi! I’m Courtney and I’m new to this page. I have been suffering from chronic occipital neuralgia migraines for 16 years now. I do not remember my life before I started having... READ MORE

By tommyb - October 15, 2017
Hello, I used to suffer from migraines as a child and then I kind of grew out of them. I’ve always suffered with headaches though and I’ve managed them quite well. I’m... READ MORE

By Angela Swystun - October 14, 2017
I have had Migraines my entire life but they became chronic in 2007. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is really no Migraine community here. Most Doctors just shove Preventative medication after... READ MORE

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