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Profile picture of Alihat

Alihat commented on the post, 3 Of My Wackiest Migraine Triggers 1 week, 2 days ago

I completely understand those triggers. Mine also include when the barometric pressure is changing, flashing lights and smoke of any kind and a really hot bath or shower. Thanks for being encouraging for me to remember what some of my triggers are just in case I can avoid them.

Profile picture of LMarguerite

LMarguerite commented on the post, Migraine Hangover 1 week, 3 days ago

Thank you for expressing the symptoms so well. The day after a bad migraine I am very sluggish and my mind is dull. I tell my husband don’t trust what I sign. He is deaf. I get confused and get my schedule mixed up. I try to slow down if I can and make my day easier.
Sometimes I feel like a shadow is hovering over me and the migraine will come b…

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Natrm2812 started the topic Migraine and dieting/cutting calories in the forum Triggers and Causes 1 week, 3 days ago

Been suffering from migraines since age 7 (now 22), but they are normally decently controlled (around 1 attack every month).

I started dieting at the end of August, and since I have had 5 migraines in 5 weeks. I manage them well acutely, but they just keep coming.

Does anyone have any experience of dieting/calorie restricting and it causing…

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