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By Tammy Rome - May 22, 2015
Often attributed to Winston Churchill, this statement is a reflection of my current mood as it relates to Migraine. As a lover of historical accuracy, I couldn’t resist the urge to search... READ MORE

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By Adriana - May 21, 2015
Being a mom to 2 babies is difficult as it is and on top of that having migraines on a daily basis makes it worse. My triggers have become silly things like... READ MORE

By Beth - May 21, 2015
I am sitting at the breakfast table staring at the clock on the wall. My head is threatening to explode but I can still do enough math to figure that I have... READ MORE

By Julie Gilbert - May 15, 2015
Hi with migraines as soon as I feel drained and beyond tired, I have managed after many years to identify the feeling as what you call here on the site a name... READ MORE

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