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By Katie Golden - July 28, 2016
I was recently released from Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia, just prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention that was being hosted in the city. I’m at my parent’s house... READ MORE

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By Sunni W - July 20, 2016
I’m celebrating a milestone… 1 month without a migraine!!!!! I’ve been a sufferer since my early teens who was first diagnosed with Classic Auras and then later with “silent“. I’d get them... READ MORE

By RachelM - July 18, 2016
Hi there fellow migraine suffers. My name is Rachel and I have suffered first with episodic then with chronic migraine for almost 20 years in total. My migraines started in my pre-teens... READ MORE

By kfste91 - July 15, 2016
My name is K and I have suffered from self-diagnosed sporadic hemiplegic migraines since I was 14 years old (I am now 25). Now let me start by explaining the self-diagnoses………I have... READ MORE

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