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Last updated: September 2012

Can't say why exactly I've not been writing on here. The obvious answers refer to my very busy bookstore life (I'm opening my own independent bookstore in Athens this year), my busy personal life, and my not wanting to be on the computer after a long day of work. I have been doing pretty well, migraine-wise, and I like that I don't think about attacks during pain-free days as much as I used to. That being said, I miss the community of health bloggers and must admit that nothing beats getting a warm email from a reader who says, "At last--someone who understands what I'm going through!"

I logged into my Blogger account this evening and found 43 unmoderated comments. Unbelievable. (And few of them were spam.) For those of you out there who noticed I've been gone, I'm sorry if I've disappointed you by disappearing!

Life is good. Had a 3-day migraine attack during my birthday weekend in Miami a few days ago, but I handled the pain well and was able to have a fulfilling, fun vacation all the same. I feel that, for the most part, I'm better at coping with migraine attacks than I used to be.

My primary care doctor put me on the birth control pill, which is really helping my migraine attack frequency but wreaking havoc on my menstrual cycle. Supposedly that will clear up soon, but man! 20 day periods are not my cup of tea. Maybe it's just menopause, a couple decades early. :)

Oh, and speaking of decades: I've wrapped up 3 of 'em now. Time to change my blog description at the top of this page, as I'm no longer a "20-something"!

Finally, I'll refer you to this month's How to Cope With Pain Blog Carnival. The moderator was kind enough to include me even though my posts have all but grinded to a halt.

Take care, be well, and let me know what's new with you.

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