Aspartame fears strike again

This article strikes me as a little alarmist, and I can't seem to completely trust the content on the Huffington Post. That being said, I'm sure that much of what Mercano has to say is well-founded.

Here's the link to an article about the evils of aspartame!

As I've mentioned before, just one piece of chewing gum sweetened with aspartame can knock me out with a migraine for a day or two. Splenda and sucralose do the same thing; luckily I eat pretty well and rarely ingest these chemicals accidentally.

Still, the questions this article raises brings up an undeniable truth: we must be careful of what we put into our bodies! Yes, many "natural" chemicals can hurt us. And the lab-created foods and sweeteners aren't evaluated in longevity studies, meaning there's no way to really know what the buildup of unnatural chemicals may do to our systems over our lifetimes. Be healthy & cautious, friends!

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