Biting Off More Than I Can Chew…AGAIN.

What is it that makes me continually agree to take on more commitments regardless of what my schedule already consists of, regardless of how full my plate already is?

When I’m feeling sick with migraine, wondering how I’ll get through the day, let alone through the week, I think to myself about how much I’ve signed up for. Why do I have more than one job? Why do I volunteer for too many boards? Why don’t I take more of my leisure time and spend it with friends and family—heck, why don’t I spend more time alone, reading and relaxing and walking and just being?

But once I’m well again, feeling fine, I tend to say yes to everything. I don’t take my own advice: I act as if I am someone who has a ton of free time, someone for whom life doesn’t disappear for hours or even days at a time due to migraine. I act like someone who, apart from sleeping, has time that is 100% her own.

But let’s face it: I am not someone who has complete control over her time. My time gets stolen again and again by migraine attacks, some that are expected but many that are not.

I’ve gotten better at controlling the impulse I have to say yes to everything that sounds enjoyable or fulfilling, personally or professionally. I have slowly but surely removed myself from a few boards despite my love of community involvement, and I’ve been cutting down the number of part-time jobs I have even though the extra income sure is nice. I’m getting better, but I’m nowhere close to being as responsible with my time as I’d someday like to be.

How about you?

Does your non-migraine, healthy self commit to things that your migraineur self shouldn’t say yes to? Am I the only one who gets herself into these situations again and again?

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