Blog theft!

Dude, what the hell? (Sorry if I revert to Bill & Ted talk, but I'm quite miffed!)

I got a Google blogs alert for a blog entry called "the migraine girl: what's so pernicious about feeling good?" The document is mine, but has been rewritten to include random spaces, deliberate misspellings, and the like. I of course posted an entry called "what's so bad about feeling good" on November 30. I did NOT post it on some b.s. site called "Best Farma Online." I've been stolen from! Right?

I recall talk from other migraine bloggers awhile back about a guy stealing their content and posting it on his supposedly authorless site. (No author listed, harder to know who's behind it.) I can't remember what action they took or how they got him to remove the plagiarized material.

Help, bloggers!

For the moment, I'll be posting a comment on this person's web page immediately. I'm so annoyed and angry!

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