Do you have any tips or tricks to help Migraineurs survive the holidays?

This is one of my favorite subjects. Not because I have a perfect life during the holidays, but because I have done this so long that, through the years I have found many ways to make sure that my family doesn’t have to pay the price for my Migraine attacks. In learning some great ways to prevent my holiday related Migraines and deal with them when they occur, I’ve also been able to make major changes in my everyday life as well… and I would really LOVE to share them with you!

To begin with, I’m going to list a few ideas to get you thinking about some of the things you might be able to do yourself at home, then I’ll post more detailed information as the season approaches.

Pamper yourself. Feeling good about ourselves reduces stress that can result in us doing things or taking shortcuts that can trigger Migraine attacks.

Plan ahead. Doing this early reduces stress and allows you to enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else. Involve the family and ask each member to choose something to do for the family during this time. If you don’t already have a family tradition for the holidays, plan to start one that is fun and involves everyone. Always have a Plan B.

Check the stockpiles. Purchase everything you need early on, from bread crumbs to toilet paper. Hit the sales and you’ll even save money! Don’t forget to check your Migraine Bag and kids Survival Bag and restock as necessary.

Delegate. Once the plan is made, then let family members choose the jobs they will help you with. When their participation is pre-arranged, they are prepared and less likely to complain or rebel.

Keep consistently active. Do a little each day, but don’t overdo. You’ll be more relaxed, have more fun, and be less likely to overdo or take shortcuts that can trigger a Migraine.

Cook ahead. Cookies, stuffing, rice… so many things can be pre-prepared or even frozen for use when you’re ready for it. Dump recipes (pre-assembled and frozen bags of food for a crock pot) are easy to prepare even months ahead of time and have on hand in case of an attack. Make or accomplish one thing each week, or each day. When the big day arrives, you’ll have little left to do and can relax and enjoy the experience.

Ready the troops. The next attack could be right around the corner. Plan and practice what to do when the next attack hits, and practice for it just like a fire drill. When there are no surprises everyone handles the interruption better.

Enjoy! Actively plan to enjoy your experience. You have everything under control. Take mistakes and accidents in stride and remember that your family wants you present in their lives more than a perfectly decorated table or turkey dinner.

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