Dreams & Acceptance: MHAM 2014 Blog Challenge: Day 2

As in past years, our team of patient writers here at Migraine.com is tackling the Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge prompts. All of the prompts and the instructions for participating can be found here: 2014 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge | AHMA Blog.

The MHAM Blog Challenge prompt for today is: "A Bed of Clouds (a poem to read and ponder)."

When the writer speaks of experiencing real life, as opposed to her dream world, as a nightmare, I have to imagine I'm not alone in being able to completely relate to this. Try as I might to adopt and maintain a healthy relationship with my situation and what is, there are days when it feels impossible not to rage against the unfairness of dealing with so many debilitating symptoms, challenges and setbacks.

But part of what can be so valuable about the temporary escape into that dream world, I think, is the way it can help you shift out of the fight against the realities of your situation and back into an acceptance of the situation as it exists.

Contrary to popular belief, fighting against acceptance is what leads to suffering rather than the symptoms we deal with themselves. If we can find healthier ways to relate to our situation just as it is, we can find some version of peace. And maybe even happiness. Despite Migraine and everything that comes along with it. I think this may be what the writer means when she suggests we not dream our lives away.

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