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Food, glorious food!

Sometimes when I wake up with a migraine I think to myself, “What have I done to deserve this?!” This rings especially true when I’ve been feeling bad earlier in the week. A few weeks ago, I woke up feeling okay, but as soon as I made my way to the kitchen for coffee, I sensed that heavy, cottony presence in my head and knew that things would be getting worse soon. “This is the third one in a week!” I thought, and chalked it up to my period (which of course always guarantees many migraine episodes).

When I got to my nannying gig at ten, I was too hungry to save my sandwich for lunch. I ate it right there on the spot and washed it down with a cool glass of water. And guess what? I started to feel better. Not headache-gone better, just oh-now-I-feel-more-alive better. And I thought back to how poorly I’d eaten the day before, how I’ve been too busy or too lazy to grocery shop, and how I had for dinner a half a bowl of plain pasta after a day of only having eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Can’t blame this one entirely on the period. I must accept my migrainous (yup, new word) fate this time around because I haven’t been taking care of my nutritional needs. It doesn’t help to scold myself for being so dumb (though I am doing a little of that). What will help is going to the grocery store and buying lots of healthy foods and snacks so that my kitchen is well-stocked. It’s hard to wrap my head around paying as much as I do for groceries, but if a lack of food helps fuel this pain, then I need to get my priorities straight and just shell out the extra bucks for my health.

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  • Dina Issa
    8 years ago

    There’s so much to pay attention to with migraines. They are a real nuisance. It would be so nice to never have to worry.

  • Barbara Collins
    9 years ago

    The thing is, what appears to be a food trigger this time, isn’t next time. I can get away with a glass of wine or a piece of pizza. Other times it’s a trigger. Not eating definitely is a trigger but that rarely happens, LOL!

  • Charry Black McDonald Jones
    9 years ago

    Unfortunately (for my weight) I have also found that eating helps during an attack. @Michelle Benton I had a blood test done in January and found out what foods I am allergic to. Avoiding those foods doesn’t completely get rid of the migraines but it does help with them.

  • Melinda Renee Eubanks
    9 years ago

    Me to Charry even when I feel like I am going to be sick I feel like I have to eat.

  • Debbie DiMarcantonio
    9 years ago

    I found that seems to be a trend of mine too with not eating properly and not taking the time to make sure my kitchen is stocked especially since funds are limited with being ‘laid off of work’ for the summer. And that is really asking for trouble when it comes to frequency and intensity to my migraines.Keeping a migraine journal really is helpful in spotting triggers or episodes where have experienced a migraine. I also get them around my monthly cycle. I find I do have that little dose of caffeine though. I too have to work on setting priorities and make sure I don’t miss meals if I want to have migraine free day or atleast not have one that is so intense.

  • Volisha Cochrane
    9 years ago

    My Neurologists Nurse said she heard of a study that Gatorade Rain Helps with Migraines, I Thinks it’s the Elecrtolites but I’m not sure. I have Tried it and it does help, but since I’m not a Doc. I would see what your Neurologist says.

  • Genie Skinner
    9 years ago

    I agree, eating right makes a difference, and so does exercise. I wish it was always as simple as watching what I eat and getting out for a walk. There are so many triggers, from that time of month, too much caffeine, artificial sweetners, to much sugar, too little sugar, not enough fluids, allergies, cigarette smoke, the neighbor burning garbage, loud sounds, a cold, stress, not enough sleep, an argument with my husband (I guess that falls under stress), crying, alcohol. It is a constant balance of self-care, that others don’t always understand. I am in a chronic migraine phase right now, for the last 4 months. I celebrate the glorious days that I am head pain free.

  • Chris Keer
    9 years ago

    hi migraine girl I sometimes suffer from them when I wake up if I take an afternoon nap usually 4 aspirin work 4 me luckily I don’t get em every day maybe twice a month.

  • Patti Shambo
    9 years ago

    lucky you, I suffer from migraines on a daily basis, due to having post neuraligia from shingles.. I deal with them the best I can…

  • Angela Ockenhouse Lunn
    9 years ago

    Haven’t woken up with a migraine since I had my brain tumor removed.

  • Angela O'dell
    9 years ago

    that is so AWESOME!!!!! I hope you get better really soon!!!

  • Anne-Marie Allen
    9 years ago

    Right on…I do as you do, but we should both do as you SAY. – LOL

  • Michelle Benton
    9 years ago

    Can you give me a list of what not to eat?

  • Michael J Green
    9 years ago

    Glass..nails…oyster shells…get a massage by a licensed therapist

  • Jessica Madore
    9 years ago

    I have to stay away from anything with nitrates ( hotdogs, cured meats), Aged Cheeses, Chinese food, and all artificial sweeteners. I’ve found that eating smaller meals throughout the day help with my headaches. When I wait too long to eat I am guaranteed a whopper of one.

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