Guilty pleasures

So I have this “thing” about purple. It’s almost a superstition. For about five years now, I have insisted on at least one purple room in the house. This time I went all out. My new office has lavender walls and ceiling with grape walls and shelving in the walk-in closet. And although the walls are a neutral color, the accent color in our guest bathroom is purple, too. It’s just bad migraine mojo to not have at least one purple room, preferably in my workspace.

Not only is purple the official migraine awareness color, it’s also been my favorite for ages. There’s just something about being surrounded by all that purple that makes me feel good. I feel free to stretch, try new things, and be creative. Nothing else does it quite like a sea of purple. The fleece blanket in my migraine kit is purple, as are all three of my hand-held fans, and the scarf I use to tie ice packs around my head. I even made a purple flaxseed-filled eye mask that wraps around my head with Velcro straps. Half the clothes, purses, and bags I own are varying shades of purple, too. Even my cell phone case and favorite water bottle are purple! I’ve threatened to dye my hair purple, but my daughter says it won’t set right without bleaching my natural brunette. Sigh…I guess I should listen to her since she is a licensed cosmetologist. A purple ribbon ankle tattoo has crossed my mind more than once, too.

My husband thinks I’m crazy. He’s probably right, but I’m too old to care what anyone thinks anymore. I will indulge my purple obsession with a passion all in the name of migraine awareness. I’m thinking about purple lights on the house in June for Migraine Awareness Month. That ought to get the neighbors talking!

There are a limited number of guilty pleasures left that aren’t migraine triggers. Indulging in the safe ones is just a given. It’s a healthy way to cope with the challenges we face. Life is made shorter by the many days we lose.  Do you have any quirks or preferences that make you feel good about yourself? Why not make the most of every day by filling it with what you love?

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