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My partner and I have been having a tough summer as far as our respective health situations go.  His back pain and problems have returned with a vengeance, worse than ever before, and I have been achy and sore most days and have had more migraine episodes than I care to deal with.  We both know that eating healthily and getting sufficient rest and regular exercise will do us good, and we’re trying—I promise.

But it’s hard to get back into a positive routine when you are starting from a place where you feel so beat down.

The good news is we are buying really healthy (mostly local!) produce and groceries and have been making yummy meals at home.  The bad news is we have limited budgets each time we shop in addition to very limited time in which to prepare our food. This results in our running out of groceries with very little opportunity to shop while we’re off work AND feeling up to it.

Dining out and food delivery, anyone?

I would be lying if I were to say I don’t enjoy going out to eat or having delicious restaurant food delivered to me.  Happily, we have amazing restaurants in Athens, many of which have plenty of meals that fit within our diets.  But dining out costs money; delivery can cost even more.

Between my jobs and my health, I am consistently presented with this problem:  how do I find enough money to have ingredients and fresh produce at the ready, and how do I find enough time to prepare these meals?  My inclination is to formulate a plan in which I spend Sunday afternoons preparing food for the week, but at age 33, such a thing has never come close to happening, so I need to find another plan I can enact more easily.

What do you do to make sure you and your family have ingredients on hand and healthy meals ready to be made? Help me and the other busy migraineurs get into a better routine by sharing your comments below!

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