Help is on the way!

My neurologist called in a cortisone pack, and my dear friend and neighbor A. is going to pick it up from the pharmacy for me. Apparently I take varying doses of the drug for five days in order to break this awful cycle. I must tell myself it WILL work.

I am drugged up on 15mg of Lortab, but all I have from it are the side effects and not the pain-free cottony feeling. This pisses me off, cause now I'm closer than ever (during this attack, at least) to throwing up any second and my head still feels as if there are little people in there squeezing my brain matter and refusing to let up.


I'm not sure why I keep updating my status. I guess it feels good to vent to people who know what I'm going through. I hope to return to a more hopeful, healthy person soon. For now, I'm going to try to close my eyes until the meds arrive on my doorstep. The great news is that they cost only $4! I love my Kroger pharmacy, I'm not going to lie. They may be a big fat chain, but the people who work there are very helpful and caring. That's a nice comfort, esp. when I feel most pharmacists might be annoyed by a pain-ridden, drugged-up girl who has to make three back-to-back calls with questions because, in her haze, she keeps forgetting to ask something else.

Confusedly yours,

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