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Helping You Help Me

Migrane Awareness Month

Today I’m using an alternate prompt for the 2013 Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge: Evita: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina: We don’t want to be pitied, but we aren’t always open about telling people how they can help us. How would you like to be helped?

As people living with Migraine we have lots of feelings about the ways in which people approach us about our health and our lives generally. But we aren’t always great at asking for what we need or giving people tips on the ways we prefer to be approached with questions or offers of help.

These are some ideas of approaches & offers I find helpful. I think others in my situation would, too.

  • Could I come over to hang out this afternoon or would another day be better?
  • Can I bring lunch? What are you craving?
  • Has coping been a struggle lately?
  • Can I get you out of the house to go see a movie / get dinner / visit an exhibit or museum / etc?
  • What do you find comforting?
  • What has been especially challenging lately?
  • I’m available if you need someone to drive you to an appointment.

And ultimately, putting anything in my path that makes me laugh is the best way to help me cope.

What ideas do you have to suggest? Please share them in the comments.

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  • not so joy
    6 years ago

    Have you seen my dog meow? Would you care to eat a doctor? Or be driven to the sandwich? While not in the throes of a migraine, none of those sentences make sense, but while suffering, they make complete sense and would probably be answered no, no, yes. I guess I would like a little understanding that language systems are scrambled coming in and going out. The reason we have to ask for things to be repeated so often, is not that we can’t hear, but that we don’t understand.

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