I had my much-anticipated appointment at one of our city's hospital's Mind-Body Institute today. The doctor met with me from 10:10 AM - 12 noon, uninterrupted, in a room lit with two small lamps. We talked the entire time about my health and my life (which he'd taken the time to read about already in the extensive intake forms they send to you before your appointment). I have a long list of things to do to help myself, all focused on regulating my serotonin levels and keeping them up. As I've seen a huge change in my pain and fatigue levels since beginning more frequent exercise nearly a month ago, I have the highest hopes that continuing to keep myself active, fit, and well-nourished will lead to less pain.

I'll write more about it later--I must go get new tires put on my car. But for now I just wanted to drop by and say that, for the first time, I have hopes of really improving my health and cutting migraines out of the picture most days of the month!


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