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It’s Getting Hot in Here (So Hot)

Does anyone else feel a slight increase in body temperature when a migraine has set in (or while it's beginning to set in)? I don't know if this is something new with me or if I've just begun to notice it in the past several months, but it's probably something I should take note of.

An increase in body temperature

The other night I was talking with my friend J., who has had her bouts with migraine disease for quite a while now and only recently has become more informed about her ailment. She has a perhaps related (perhaps unrelated), as-of-yet undiagnosed thing going on where her temperature will suddenly go up and she cannot concentrate. Is this part of a migraine aura? Is it connected to migraine at all? She says her temperature only goes up one or two degrees, but it's enough that she cannot focus on whatever task is at hand and she feels immediately flustered and out of control. She has had lots of blood work and tests done; no doctors have figured out why her body temperature is so out of whack.

Is there a connection?

Since she was only recently diagnosed with migraine, I'm wondering if the body temperature fluctuations are indeed related to migraine - but since she hadn't been an "official" migraineur until recently, doctors didn't have the wherewithal to connect the two elements. Or maybe I'm just making this leap since my own temperature has been up a degree or so during migraine episodes in the last few months (or longer).

Any thoughts?

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