It’s the Little Things

Today I had a business meeting with an Athens person whom I've known for a couple of years--she's been helping me with bookstore business plans and funding applications. In any case, walking into her dimly lit office reminded me of something that happened a month or so ago.

I initially met T. as a student in one of her business classes in 2008. When I went to her new office last month, it’d been at least half a year since I’d last seen her. Keep in mind I’d never met one-on-one with her before this date.

When she led me to her office and invited me to sit down, she asked, “Is the lighting all right? I turned off the overheads and turned on the lamp instead. It’s nicer that way, anyway.”

“Wait, you remember that I’m light sensitive?”

“Of course!” she replied. “Is this okay?”

It’s obvious that this woman has a great memory; it’s even more apparent that she’s thoughtful. I was so touched by this small gesture—that she not only remembered my strange anti-fluorescent-light quirk, but that she did something about it. (I was fully armed with hat & sunglasses, but how nice it was to not have to don my disguise as I usually do in business meetings.)

So today when I walked in, she automatically turned on the lamp and turned off the overheads. She commented that the office was much more pleasant without the overhead fluorescent lights on—so many people say this to me that I wonder why they don’t usually work with task lighting instead of those energy-sucking overhead tubes.

I feel like I’m rambling now. But really I just wanted to comment on how it doesn’t take much to make me feel special and a little less weird for being a photophobic woman. When people take even one small step toward preventing one of my migraine attacks, it makes me so very grateful.

Consider this a belated Thanksgiving post, will ya?

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