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I've got to stop these meal-skippin' ways

Y’all, I have been a million times worse about not practicing what I preach than ever before.

I haven’t been on more than a couple exercise walks all fall, and I have been eating terribly (just terribly!). Despite Jim’s scoldings, I’ll skip meals (even though I know it’s a major migraine trigger—not to mention a bad mood trigger!), and when I do eat I eat not-good-for-me-things at weird hours. Today it was 7 o’clock in the evening by the time I realized I had only had one egg and a few crackers all day. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. I completely understand this, and I would give a crazy-long speech to a loved one if I saw her acting this way.

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Yet. I don’t change my ways. Things are a little extreme lately, so I’ll give myself that. The bookstore schedule is busy, and it’s hard to carve out a time to take a break, especially if I’m the only one working at any given time. I’ll buy a sandwich from the Daily Co-op next door and take two hours to eat it, as I’m (happily) interrupted by customers over and over. (Thankfully I have Jim to call me and check up on me, and a couple of my booksellers often ask me if I’ve actually eaten that day!)

Since mid-November, I’ve had more trouble eating because I feel nauseated all the time due to worrying about my kitten, who’s very ill. I am someone whose worry manifests itself as tummy and migraine issues (and I know many of you can identify), so it’s hard to ingest food when I’m so worried over something in my life.

All that said, something must be done! I know I’m not the only one out there who has this issue. What do you guys do to keep up with regular meals? Are there any former meal-skippers out there who have changed their ways and can enlighten the rest of us?

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