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I’ve got to stop these meal-skippin’ ways

Y’all, I have been a million times worse about not practicing what I preach than ever before.

I haven’t been on more than a couple exercise walks all fall, and I have been eating terribly (just terribly!). Despite Jim’s scoldings, I’ll skip meals (even though I know it’s a major migraine trigger—not to mention a bad mood trigger!), and when I do eat I eat not-good-for-me-things at weird hours. Today it was 7 o’clock in the evening by the time I realized I had only had one egg and a few crackers all day. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. I completely understand this, and I would give a crazy-long speech to a loved one if I saw her acting this way.

Yet. I don’t change my ways. Things are a little extreme lately, so I’ll give myself that. The bookstore schedule is busy, and it’s hard to carve out a time to take a break, especially if I’m the only one working at any given time. I’ll buy a sandwich from the Daily Co-op next door and take two hours to eat it, as I’m (happily) interrupted by customers over and over. (Thankfully I have Jim to call me and check up on me, and a couple of my booksellers often ask me if I’ve actually eaten that day!)

Since mid-November, I’ve had more trouble eating because I feel nauseated all the time due to worrying about my kitten, who’s very ill. I am someone whose worry manifests itself as tummy and migraine issues (and I know many of you can identify), so it’s hard to ingest food when I’m so worried over something in my life.

All that said, something must be done! I know I’m not the only one out there who has this issue. What do you guys do to keep up with regular meals? Are there any former meal-skippers out there who have changed their ways and can enlighten the rest of us?

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  • Dawn Kollmansberger
    8 years ago

    omg, I can even go day’s without eating when I am having an migraine episode. so I am the wrong one to ask.

  • Dawn Kollmansberger
    8 years ago

    seeing as I am new to this, but certainly not new to migraines. I have had migraines for over 20 yrs now. I have read all your blogs and found them intresting. It is really amazing how each one of us has our own little triggers that make our migraines different, but it is so good that we can talk about it and get our stories out and help each other. seeing as it is late and I am in the process of recovering from a 3 day migraine, I am going to make this short. But, I will be back to let you all know what I have been through and what I have tried.
    Happy Holidays to all 🙂

  • Vicki
    8 years ago

    A former meal-skipper? No, not me. For years now, I haven’t had much of an appetite. No idea why. Sure things might sound good to me, but unless it’s already cooked and ready to eat, I’m not too interested.

    My work schedule doesn’t help. I work evenings, which makes for a less productive schedule outside of work. When I wake up, I LOVE to enjoy my coffee, which fills me up.

    Though I don’t have a blood sugar problem, I’ve discovered that if I eat things that have protein, it sustains me. So, I have a Slimfast on the way to work, and I don’t believe it has any bearing on my appetite. I don’t believe it’s the Topamax, because I haven’t been on it continually for the last 10 years.

    I wish I was still in my 20s, instead of my 40s, because I could lose weight this way! But time has a way of changing your body. Maybe it will change my appetite, eventually.

  • Jessica Smith
    8 years ago

    guilty as charged. I work as a hotel housekeeper skipping breaks & meals is the norm for all of us. Now I carry crackers or ather snacks at all times. This way when I skip lunch break cause I’m behind schedule I can keep something in y stomach & then grab a healthy meal when I’m done.

  • Patty Forrest
    8 years ago

    I’ve learned over the past several years that I have to eat every 2-3 hours. I eat a healthy gluten-free cereal with delicious red raspberries or blueberries on it for breakfast (no milk – the berries are enough). I’ll have a little snack two hours later – either some fresh celery, peppers, or carrots or an organic granola bar. Then for lunch I usually have a salad with a little olive oil (I carry an olive oil sprayer with me) and a fresh apple cut-up with lots of cinnamon sprinkled on it…cold, not hot (if you haven’t tried it you are missing out..carry a knife with a sheath in your lunch bag ). Then a few hours later I have a yogurt and that usually is enough until dinner! I have an insulated lunch bag that I take with me if I go out shopping or to do errands with healthy snacks in it, and I always have water with me to keep me hydrated. I try to eat as healthy as I can, when people say “you only life once, enjoy junk food” I tell them I prefer to LIVE healthy – it’s not all about living longer, its about living HEALTHY! Once you get in the habit of eating healthy – you will ENJOY the benefits and the food you eat! My doctor once told me he doesn’t see migraines much in the elderly – so I figured when I’m old and gray, I’ll be healthy without migraines! I hope this helps someone at least a little. Enjoy your Christmas and God bless.

  • Janet Geddis
    8 years ago

    Patty, you are an inspiration! I want to have your habits. I’m getting better already at eating more frequently in 2012. Must remember to carry snacks with me!

  • Debbie DiMarcantonio
    8 years ago

    sounds like you’re telling my story -I too am quilty of skipping meals (and I even work in a food service environment but only have that 1/2 hour lunch break) and when I do eat something, I knowI do not eat the right things..and I am sure this is one of my major migraine triggers.. I need to start keeping a food diary. In a couple days I will be off work for about a month for ‘winter break’ at the local university… I am sure this is also a factor as I am also anxious about finances. I will definitely have to make sure I have food in stock and be sure to eat. I also am beginning to realize how important drinking plenty of water is…as being dehydrated is also a trigger.

  • Barbara Collins
    8 years ago

    If I know I will get a migraine, I never skip a meal. That’s a huge incentive to me. I carry peanut butter crackers or something similar for snacks in case the opportunity to eat gets delayed during my travels. My desk drawer is stocked with soup and peanut butter etc. I bring lunch everyday to work.

  • Laura Price
    8 years ago

    I always carry unsalted almonds and a granola bar – low blood sugar is a major trigger.

  • Laura Watson
    8 years ago

    I didn’t realise how bad I was until I started keeping a food diary. It made me realise just how little I was eating and that I snaked throughout the day without actually having proper meals in between. The way I have got around it is to keep food on me at all times. This takes quite a bit of organisation but once you get into the habit, it’s not too bad. Now I never forget to have lunch because it is sat there every day ready and waiting in my bag 🙂 I always used to skip breakfast, telling myself I never have the time in the morning, but now I keep cereals etc in my office so I have breakfast as soon as I arrive. No more excuses that I haven’t got the time!

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