Medication overuse headache fear alert!

Today I woke with yet another migraine--perhaps it's the same one I've had since Friday and it keeps coming to the surface whenever I'm not under the influence of various drugs.

Suspecting I'd be outside much of the day in the super-pollinated air, I took an allergy pill--this sometimes helps stave off the Migraine attack. This time around it didn't help. I was tired, had that same pain in my lower back that's been haunting me for days, and had to give in and take a Maxalt when the headache kicked in in earnest in the afternoon. Wah!

Now I'm scared. What happens if I get another migraine tomorrow? I've taken the maximum amount of Maxalt I can take--three days' worth. A fourth day is a no-no because of the risk of medication overuse headache. And tomorrow and Tuesday are my last days of my tutoring job, so I can't skip out!

Here's to hoping today was the last day for a migraine this week.

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