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My jam-packed schedule

When I think about running my storefront (as opposed to just running the bookstore business online and through events), I am excited beyond words. I can’t wait to finally find a perfect retail space for my bookshop and look forward to working with people and books each and every day. Sometimes I worry, though. How will I handle working 50-70 hours a week with my migraine disease? How will I ever see my friends, or take naps, or spend time with my family?

And then I remember a little something: I already work 50-70 hours a week. And much of my current stress is due to behind-the-scenes bookstore work (big and unexpected financial hiccups among the primary reasons for my stress). Once I open the store, I’ll be done with my part-time (read: about 20 hours/week) babysitting/nannying gig. My other part-time jobs, freelance writing & medical editing, don’t take up a whole lot of time, so I am going to hang onto those to cushion my bank account as the business ramps up.

Point is: I already work like a crazy person. And, for the most part, I am happy and healthy and energetic. True that I don’t see my friends as often, but I do spend lots of quality time with my partner and my sister (who now lives in town), my two best friends! And my friends and family have been so wonderfully understanding when I tell them that I love them but simply don’t have time for last-minute get-togethers—if they want to be sure to hang out, we’ll have to plan at least a month in advance (no joke).

Yes, I know there’ll be many adjustments to make once the storefront opens. Yes, I know I’ll have to learn to better balance my work and leisure time; I’ll have to make sure I don’t work myself to the bone even though I LOVE WORKING WITH BOOKS. But those lessons will be learned through trial and error, and I’m already giving myself a pretty thorough rehearsal period.

I think I’ll make it after all.

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  • Cathy Brown
    8 years ago

    well, this sounds like it would help..esp. the cooling. but I am in medicare and disability retirement. I do not have the 200 dollars to see if this would help more than the imetrex..imetrex helps but the headaches always come back and last for about 4 days total..however that first day seems like would rather die than live thru one of these whenever they show up..if I laugh too much, if I cry..i get a headache. if I bend over..i feel like my head is going to blow off…my eyes hurt so bad..its indiscrible..i feel like I have someone taking a sharp spike & pushing it thru my eyes and down into my neck and then the muscles spasms begin…when I go to the dr. he wants to know how often and for how long..well, I try not to think of those things when I am not havinging them at that time..karma you know?

  • Susan Van Martin
    8 years ago

    Toredol (it’s a shot) will get rid of the headache completely!

    8 years ago

    “How will I handle working 50-70 hours a week with my migraine disease? How will I ever see my friends, or take naps, or spend time with my family?” Read more at

  • Karen Poirier
    8 years ago

    Migraine Disease? I didn’t know it was a disease? Really?

  • Michelle Brimtown
    8 years ago

    You have my dream job, working with books =)

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