My mean thought for the day

I've said before that I wouldn't wish the pain, disability, and frustration of Migraine disease on anybody. Now I'm calling myself out--I'm a big, fat liar.

I DO wish every single person in the world could have just one Migraine attack. I don't wish chronic Migraines on anyone, not even my former next-door neighbor who was inconsiderate and rude, with a tendency to party LOUDLY well into the wee hours of morning despite my asking him to shush. I don't want people to have the worry that comes with chronic migraines; I don't want anyone to frequently break plans, feel unreliable, and feel guilty for not being as active and healthy as others.

But man, oh, man. I wish people could experience an entire Migraine attack. I want those disbelievers to know for themselves that Migraine is not just a headache. I want them to feel how difficult it is to conduct any normal activity while having a Migraine. I want them to realize the disease is very real and not imagined or psychological.

Maybe I'll ask Santa for this wish this year--if he doesn't scold me for being mean-spirited and then give me a lump of coal instead.

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