A single sock.

My Weirdest Migraine Home Remedy Tool

Pressure on my head or pulling my hair gives me some relief during a migraine attack. One night I started to drift off while squeezing my head but woke right back up when my hands relaxed and the pressure lifted. My MacGyver solution was to wrap a tube sock around my head and tie it tightly. As for the risk of sounding boastful, I must say that it was one of my best ideas ever.

Using a tube sock as acupressure

The tube sock maintains steady pressure and the knot performs a sort of acupressure. I move the knot from one temple to the other and sometimes put it along my occipital ridge. It usually provides enough relief that I can get to sleep. Entering the land of migraine-induced nightmares is a mixed blessing, but one I'll gladly take over being awake through the attack.

Scent free and inexpensive migraine relief

The only reason I even had tube socks was to make heat packs for my feet, which become frigid during a migraine attack. I fill a sock with rice, tie a knot in the open end and put another sock over it and tie that one, too. Whenever I need a quick, scent-free way to warm up my feet, I pop the "rice pack," as we call them in my household, in the microwave for 3 minutes. The secondary sock keeps bits of rice from falling through the fabric and filling the bed with grit. If you sew, you can make a tube of fabric and do the same thing, which would probably contain the grit better.

Seasonal or year-round?

When winter is over, I dump the rice and wash the socks, then refill them again in the fall. (If I lived somewhere that the temperature didn't reach triple digits for months each summer, I'd likely use them year-round.) Odd, yes, but highly effective, inexpensive, and unscented.

Tube socks for migraine relief

I never expected tube socks would make it into my migraine relief kit, but they've proven themselves invaluable in two different ways. What strange ways have you discovered provide relief during migraine attacks?

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