Readers Give Thanks for the Largest Donation Ever to Migraine Research

Readers showed a stunning outpouring of gratitude for the Wendy and Leonard Goldberg’s $8 million donation to migraine research, part of a $10 million donation to UCLA Health Services. Many of the comments were spontaneous expressions of joy, beautiful in their heartfelt simplicity: “10 million likes!” “Woo hoo!” “So grateful!” “WOW!” “Awesome!” “Amen!” Here are some more words of thanks from readers and patient advocates:

“The Goldbergs have touched a nerve. It's so significant that it's hard to explain. Perhaps it is that migraine has simply been 'heard' by kind hearted souls whom are able to make a real difference. Thank you to the Goldbergs for listening and giving. “

“Is there an emoji for doing cartwheels with rainbows and unicorns in the background? Because that’s how amazing this is!”-Katie Golden, Patient Advocate

“I am so grateful. I have tears in my eyes right now. My husband has had daily migraines for the past 10 years. So grateful someone cares this much.”

“Wow! So generous and so reassuring that someone actually understands what so many of us are going through and that we're worth the research efforts.”

“Dear Wendy and Leonard: Your amazing gift makes it the first time in history it can feel good to be a migraine sufferer. Thank you so much.” -Lisa Benson, Patient Advocate

“Seriously brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful thing.”

“Good things are on the horizon, I can just feel it!!”

“this is the most wonderful news i have heard in a long time.”

“sooo wonderful for all of us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts” <3

“Oh my goodness! This is exciting news. They are wonderful, generous people and I pray God's blessings for them.”

You can read even more thank yous on’s Facebook post about the donation.

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