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Should migraineur bosses tell their employees about their health issues?

My colleague Diana Lee of Somebody Heal Me has written some great articles on how (or if!) to inform an employer of your status as a migraineur. (Check out her outstanding articles here and here.)

I have been extremely fortunate in that most of my employers have been very understanding about my migraine disease and the special needs I have that crop up because of it. Several supervisors have helped me set up alternative lighting so I could avoid fluorescent lights, while others have allowed me to keep a flexible schedule when necessary.

But here’s something I haven’t quite come to terms with: I’m a boss now. What do I tell my employees about my migraine disease? Granted, it can easily be argued that the risks here aren’t nearly as high-stakes as the risks you take when you tell your boss about your illness. I won’t exactly fire myself or put myself in an environment rife with triggers—I’m the head honcho and will arrange the bookshop in a way that will allow me to be as healthy as possible at work.

When it comes to talking about migraine with my booksellers, however, I haven’t been entirely forthright. I’ll often try to hide the fact that I’m dealing with a migraine attack until I catch myself mixing up words or acting antisocial—then I say to my employee, “I am in the middle of a migraine—sorry.” But, with the exception of Jim and R. (an employee who was a friend before she started working at the shop), I haven’t talked at length about my disease and how it might affect my role as boss in the workplace.

Are any of you entrepreneurs and/or managers? Do you tell your team about your health issues? How do you handle it? What was the outcome?

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