Taking a breather in the midst of a busy day

I’m caught in my usual procrastination-induced morning flurry of activity today. Trying to drink coffee, catch up on some writing, handle some emails, order some books, feed myself, feed the cat, check up on friends in the path of Sandy Frankenstorm, and on and on. The situation is not helped by the fact of my waking up an hour after my alarm went off.

Right as I finally hit “send” on the last of the super-duper-important emails (as opposed to the very important and somewhat important ones I haven’t even opened yet), I got distracted.

This incessantly purring, snuggling, sweet kitten of mine chose this precise moment to jump on my lap, nudge me with a kiss, and then curl up to sleep. He hasn’t stopped purring since. How in the world is a sane person to get up and strike off more to-do list items when such a perfect little beast is taking a nap on her lap?

So I decided to interpret this moment as a chance to take a breather. To enjoy the warmth of little Satchel as he sits on my crossed-legged lap, heating up my perpetually cold feet. To stop a moment and look out at the crazily blowing trees and leaves outdoors as I pet Satch’s furry little head. To just take a moment out of this busy, busy day to just be.

My snarkier self would simply say I am using this as an excuse to procrastinate further. And perhaps I am. But at this moment I would like to take a deep breath and be thankful for my life, my sweet kitten, my health, my lack of migraine (sweet surprise!), and my safety.

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